For over two decades we have been providing award-winning, distinctive and integrated media content. From cutting edge

web design to the extras on your dvd and blu-ray. We provide exciting, visually rich content to help deliver your message.

Give yourself a more dynamic edge and contact us today.

TX Dynamic is a small specialist creative services studio based in the South West of England in Poole, Dorset and specialising in projects for print,

electronic media design and the web. We serve many local companies in Dorset and Hampshire and the surrounding areas but our client base is national and ranges

from large multi-nationals to private individuals and start ups. We welcome enquiries of any budget or scope.


Our origins maybe in the music industry of the 1980's but today TX Dynamic works across a range of media. This means we specialise in using digital formats to convey

your information and ideas. We do this using graphics, sound, motion & interaction and it is something we have been doing in various forms since the early nineties.

We feel this understanding of a wide range of creative forms gives us, and our customers, the edge over the competition and makes us well placed to offer you the

flexible and comprehemsive service you need; whether for your latest national marketing campaign or your Powerpoint sales presentation.

Whilst we are a UK company with a strong UK client base located in the South West of England, projects we have been involved in are marketed and used across the world

from Japan to Brazil. We are happy to discuss any idea or requirement with you no matter where you are based.


We have been quietly helping creative agencies provide creative digital content for over a decade, and are well used to interacting with, and reporting to, your own personnel, or directly with a client as members of your team.



It has been an honour to work with a huge range of companies and individuals over the years. These include:


AMC Chemicals / BBC / BP / Royal Swedish Navy / Behaviour UK / Braxiatek / Dept. of Education / HobbyCraft / MCA / Pinnacle Distribution / ITV / Sodexho / TOMA / Toyah Wilcox